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Basic Wine Knowledge | How Is Wine Made?

by Adriatik
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Wine process

Basic Wine Knowledge | How Is Wine Made?

What Is Wine?

Basic Wine Knowledge

Basic Wine Knowledge – How Is Wine Made?

How Is Rose Wine Made?

Having basic wine knowledge includes understanding how rosé wine is made as well. Is almost the same process as we mentioned above only that is important to note that rosé wine can be made from any dark grapes but doesn’t turn fully red because the skins are removed from the juice after a few hours. Rosé can also be made by blending or mixing white and red wines. Rosé wines are typically fruity, fresh, and with both sweet and dry varieties available.

The Different Parts Of Grapes

To gain basic wine knowledge, you must understand the three parts of grapes:

  1. The Flesh: The most important part for winemakers, containing the juice that forms the basis of wine. It holds the chemical compounds responsible for wine’s flavors and aromas, as well as the acid and sugar needed for fermentation.
  2. The Skin: Provides color to red wines and have ingredients that add flavor.
  3. The Seeds: Generally avoided during winemaking as they have bitter oil that can make the wine taste not that pleasant.

Popular Wine Grapes

Types of wine, and grape types

Basic wine knowledge includes knowing and understanding different grape types. Some of the most popular grape types are Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay. These grapes, though similar in appearance, produce wines with distinct flavors and characteristics. The quality of the wine also depends on where the grapes are grown. For instance, a Chardonnay from South Africa will taste different from a Chardonnay grown in France. Understanding the impact of grape variety and growing region is an important element of basic wine knowledge.

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